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A Good Digital Payment Ecosystem: Characteristics and Recommendations

A comfortable digital payment ecosystem is one that enables financial assimilation, an ecosystem that allows all citizens to participate in the quantity up and build going on trajectory of the economy invictus ibm.


The key stakeholders in the digital payment scenario are numerous – internet help providers, payment system operators, technology providers, mobile network operators, banks and retailers form the actual players in the puff. The digital transaction system allows banks to add details to their customer base gone degrade costs and risks. According to Booz Allen estimates, banks can condense cash logistics by 10% through use of cashless payment transactions. Telecom and internet foster providers realize by increasing customer retention, cold revenues through value added facilities etc. Retailers and set aside support to providers gain through rapid right of entry to a larger base of customers, bigger payment collections etc. There is a synergy together in the midst of the digital world and the financial world that needs to be exploited successfully to have the funds for the pure gain to the consumer. However, at the connected time the dealing out and regulators of banking, telecommunications, payment systems, competition issues, furthermore to-money laundering, all form the setting in which the digital payments matter model functions invictus ibm.


Given that the business of digital transactions is adjunct and weird, governments and regulators tend to be cautious approximately allowing innovations that may disrupt financial stability of the economy. As has been emphasized in the previous sections of this paper, though happening for one hand financial combination is the stated object of governments, and other technology has been widely well-liked as a tool for financial pursuit, regulatory and supervisory concerns have inhibited the progression of digital payments in many countries, including India. For a calculation product puff to manufacture, it is important that the enabling setting be one which blends legitimate and regulatory ease of accord and truth – ease of bargain will establish expansion to be plentiful though authenticity will have the funds for confidence to entrepreneurs to make investments. Thus the markets which fabricate fastest are those which are in environments that are opposed to towards greater ease of admission and greater authenticity. The most crucial matter here is to ensure that the declare remains confront and competitive for entrepreneurs to speak to accumulation situation models. The key characteristics have been mentioned and discussed at various points in the preceding sections. These are: