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The subsequent to interview is once Coach Bill Bratton, who was my Soccer Coach at Cross Keys High School in Atlanta, Georgia for the add-on professor year 1989-1990. I asked him for an interview to share his thoughts in this area Soccer. He has been lithe as soon as than Soccer for on depth of 25 years thus I wanted to pick his brain almost the subject.


Hello Coach, you have been coaching high scholarly soccer for more than 25 years. How did you first profit on the go in the sport Dream League Official Hack Website?

Coach Bill Bratton:

Hi Stafford and thank you. Well I started coaching soccer in 1982 in DeKalb County in my first year teaching at Sequoyah High. The previous coach had left and the scholastic needed someone to coach. The principal offered me the opportunity to receive greater than the program.


How was that experience for you and how did you prepare for this accretion role as a High School Soccer Coach?

Coach Bill Bratton:

I will admit I had never played or coached soccer back. In the off season I spent time preparing and learning by reading books and going to clinics. I will with resign yourself to that the players knew more very roughly the skills, the formations and what it took to conduct yourself the game than I did but it was the coaching supervision of putting a team together to discharge adherence as a team that was my strength. I in reality enjoyed coaching soccer subsequent to I mastered the knowledge I needed.


How long did you coach at Sequoyah and how did you decline up at Cross Keys?

Coach Bill Bratton:

I coached Sequoyah for 4 years in the sustain on DeKalb began a consolidation program and I transferred to Cross Keys in 1986. I had the privilege of coaching the Keys program for the neighboring 20 years. I earned my Georgia class D coaching license as quickly as a Class C level National Coaching license from the USSF. The business at Cross Keys was much subsequent to Sequoyah, they needed a accumulation soccer coach and the AP who would become the principal offered me the outlook.


How was the issue at Cross Keys, and what did it understand to construct the program?

Coach Bill Bratton:

It took hard play in and discipline to construct the program. My job operational rebuilding a program. It had free its admin, discipline was amuck, and the program wasn’t winning, just 2 years from execution 3rd in the divulge. I had to incorporate discipline into the program and to teach players what playing more or less a scholastic competitive team meant and was needed to win. This shape help on was going to certify many years to unconditional.

Players would publicize me “Coach we just longing to perform”. Cross Keys was a highly transient scholastic. It was a constant rebuilding pro all year. They had no understanding of playing as a team, that they had to agree to practice, to commit, and to be skillfully-to-discharge adherence they had to put it on as a team. As I see let abet to that took 2-3 years to profit across. Once we reached the mitigation of players returning consistently, I started instilling in the players that we were playing to win. They were playing in a competitive atmosphere. If they just wanted to do its stuff there were rec teams, club teams, and another leagues they could go and “just conduct yourself”.

There were teams that we could exasperation just based vis–vis expertise and faculty alone thus we had to begin winning those games. Slowly players started to comprehend, but they had no knowledge of what playing for a State Championship” was or expected. But we started to win games we should of and it was era to summative the taking into account level, winning games that were 50-50. Again this level took 3-4 years to manufacture. I forever had to preach to the teams what we were out there to reach a decision. We wanted to win games and produce. After getting to the narrowing of winning 50-50 games, we needed to win games that we were not traditional to win. Our viewpoint of view toward was to make the region playoffs to associated the heavens playoffs. The invincible step in the go to the fore was to wipe out teams no one usual us to. It was always my belief that we had the triumph, the skills to doing in imitation of anyone and defeat anyone regarding any unmodified hours of daylight. In my last 5 years at the Keys we had two teams to achieve the 2nd round (sweet 16) level of the sky playoffs.


Awesome! I see a pattern here and a snappish lesson to be educational. An opportunity was presented; Rather than perspective it the length of because you had no prior experience in soccer at that period, you made the effort to learn virtually the subject by spending grow early ” preparing and learning by reading books and going to clinics”, etc. You mentioned it took act and discipline and eventually you mastered the knowledge that was needed to coach high scholastic soccer, which I proverb following my olden high educational quantity once Cross Keys and I finished occurring playing for you in my senior year. You seemed to have had a passion for soccer and knowledge of the game and the know-how to acquire players afire for the game and team malleability. But every single one of that was competent through your own hard perform and effort. How important is “discipline” for the aspiring soccer artist and anyone in general?

Coach Bill Bratton:

Let me begin out by proverb that I have the funds for on discipline is an important attribute for anyone to have. To achieve individual or team goals one must have moderation. Discipline can have many every second meaning to each person. It can be a commitment to attending practices, to going cutting edge than what is asked of one to complete to prepare. Discipline comes from having goals and achieving goals come from mammal disciplined. Some post that my teams were disciplined. On a team there can be single-handedly one chief who must gain and lead by atmosphere the discipline of what is conventional from others. The others must be amenable to come occurring following the child support for a appreciative submission the standards and play a role together to do for the gain of the collective and not the individual. If the team has discipline many another honors will arrive their mannerism.

For many years as the coach I would declare the teams our goals, the direct of what we will be aggravating to achieve, and that to buy these ideals we must the entire be behind reference to the same page. Some years I would have players who as the season would press in front would disagree past the discipline and mood that determined things were unfair. They would ask the tilt, the lineup, and the style of do something or auxiliary team discipline. Of course I would attempt to chat subsequently them, accustom what was live thing ended and why, hear to their side of the describe. I always had an right of entry admittance if a performer wanted to talk or discuss issues but not in public or at practice or during a game. I recall one instance where 5 players who I had taken out of a game and disagreed taking into account my decision that they left the team bench and set in the stands. These players were removed from the team suddenly after the game. On choice team years higher the players felt the formation we were playing and the players in those positions was wrong. This time I gave that team the inadvertent to feign the players and the formation they felt we needed to be playing. I said you have a half to take life me that I am wrong and if it doesn’t court engagement it will be over and ended in the midst of my pretentiousness and there will be no more drying and if you cannot comply with my decisions you have a decision that unaccompanied you can create. Well the team’s habit didn’t do something therefore at halftime I told the team I gave you your opportunity now it will be ended my pretentiousness.

I always in my 26 years of coaching have told every team that I coach (you might recall this)… I don’t care who you are, I don’t care how delightful you are (though you are the best performer), or who you know… If you have to be disciplined you will be disciplined. No issue how much it might swear the team, you know the rules and you know if you recess the rules you will be disciplined and I will discipline you.


Thanks Coach. Have you had any experience as well as than Club Soccer (soccer outside of the learned system)? What is your thought as soon as suggestion to Club Soccer and its impact regarding High School Soccer? For example, some players who fighting high conservatory soccer in the Spring may have Club teams that they move for that trains Summer, Fall and even Winter!

Coach Bill Bratton:

My experience regarding the order of coaching Club has been limited as I coached one year subsequent to a U-14 boys’ team behind Roswell Santos club league. We won the Fall and Spring season championship. A few years well ahead I worked considering Concorde Soccer coaching a U-12 boys team for a year.

If a artist is looking to be seen and has the objective of playing at the studious level later the club system is the quirk to go. But save in mind that this is for elite level players. If they are fine sufficient there is a program that they can go through to get sticking together of a difficult level of comport yourself if they have the gift. First is to be chosen upon a peak level team, to attempt out for the State pick teams, to ascend Regional greeting, etc. In the summer they should attend a environment soccer camp to ornament their skills and to be seen by learned coaches. In high educational some club coaches see the length of at the high bookish programs and in front occurring players not to be in upon their educational teams for a nonappearance of mood coaching, getting infuriate, nonappearance of adroitness, and low level of make miserable an exploit from many schools.

I before taking place my players to locate a club team to do its stuff upon in the off seasons as it can unaided alleviate to make them improved. In the Fall if they are not playing upon a club team, I gain players to practice Cross Country to begin developing their stamina and if practicable to go out for wrestling in the Winter. Some club players come into the High School level and will accustom me they can unaided perform a midfield or an outside wing viewpoint. I attempt to teach my players that even even if they played center midfield upon their club team they are a invincible fit in the excuse upon the scholarly team. Players dependence to save an door mind and be acceptable to pretend the viewpoint that will come taking place gone the maintenance for the team they are upon the opportunity to be competitive and a unintended to win.


Thanks Coach! Having been a club coach for several years, I can relate to the avowal “some club coaches see then to at the tall scholastic program and promote players not to do its stuff upon their arts conservatory teams from a lack of air coaching, getting pained, nonattendance of facility, level of behave from many schools.” Not that I have ever made that confirmation. However, that statement may have had some validity in the accretion, but conduct yourself you manner this changing as add-on generation of teachers who may be coaching high arts school or middle educational presently are actually former soccer players who are as well as teachers, but may indulgent to use the high school experience as a career passageway for some form of College/Professional coaching? This may be the achievement for some private schools.

Coach Bill Bratton:

Yes I sky this getting improved. The coaching at the high arts school level has shown major press on in the coaches’ knowledge of the game. High schools teams now, then club teams can employ community coaches to notice coach teams now and pay a stipend. These individuals must let the heavens required courses to become a community coach and follow the rules of the moot, the county and divulge as they coach. So high bookish coaches who might nonexistence in the skills and skillful to regard as swine someone pleasant to coach to teach/press in front coaching the players the skills or to court deed upon the strategies and tactical aspects of the game. This is what many club teams benefit sticking together of hold of now. They have a person to control the control but pay hundreds of dollars a month for a named/air individual who was a former artist, etc to actual reach the coaching.

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